Meagan M. Hynes, PhD, CPSS

Owner/Consulting Soil Scientist


Meagan has over 15 years of experience in soil, water, and plant sciences. Beginning with her Bachelor of Science in Botany from Oregon State University, Meagan decided to "dig" deeper and explore the below ground aspect of plants, namely soil science.


Obtaining her Doctorate of Philosophy at University of California, Davis in Soils and Biogeochemistry, she brings a breadth of knowledge from an academic research background to the field of soil science. Her Certified Professional Soil Scientist (CPSS) accreditation incorporated a more applied understanding of the field that has assisted with the projects she has been involved in over the last several years. She has worked in a consulting role for the last seven years in a variety of environments ranging from urban commercial landscaping, agricultural annual and perennial cropping systems, and ecological restoration for mining, Mediterranean plant communities, and salt marsh ecosystems. For more detailed information on Meagan's background and experience, please visit her LinkedIn page.


Meagan is active in organizations such as Professional Soil Scientist Association of California where she has held the roles of president, president-elect, and secretary-treasurer. She was also past vice president (external) for California Women for Agriculture Salinas Chapter. She teaches "Soil and the Environment" at California State University, Monterey Bay in hope to inspire students to join her in the title of "soil nerd" that she proudly bears. Her volunteer experience includes 4-H Range Camp in Half Moon Bay, California as well as work for Mountain Bikers of Santa Cruz.


ta·lus: noun \ˈtā-ləs, ˈta-\


1:  a slope formed especially by an

     accumulation of rock debris

2:  rock debris at the base of a cliff


‘Akin to Latin talutium, a slope indicating

presence of gold under the soil.’